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Big Bend Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member owned electric utility cooperative serving about 8,900 homes, businesses and farm accounts in the Columbia Basin area of Eastern Washington. Our headquarters is located in Ritzville, Washington. We also have a district office located in Mesa, Washington. Please take some time to get to know us a little better. After all, we are not just your power company. We are your family, friends and neighbors. Welcome.
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  • Plan Ahead for Winter

    Cold weather brings higher electricity bills

    By Dale Anderson

    It is a fact of life that when winter hits, electricity use increases. When fall temperatures are mild, bills are manageable. Then that first cold snap hits and the furnace never seems to shut off. That is when the space heaters come out to keep cold, drafty areas comfortable. Imagine how much electricity is being used. Maybe the cold snap only lasts a week to 10 days, and the frigid blast from the north is soon forgotten. A reminder usually hits home when the electric bill arrives. Read the Full Article

  • New Location, More Amenities

    Preston Premium Wines sees growth and success after move closer to the highway

    By Dale Anderson

    Almost every business gets to a point when times change and the need to reach out to more customers means either expanding or relocating. From its humble beginnings in 1970-1971, Preston Premium Wines’ winery and retail location was about a ½-mile east of Highway 395 when the company planted its vineyards nearby. The winery started making wine from those grapes in 1976. The grounds also catered to special events such as weddings because of the location and view. But a great view was not always conducive to foot traffic since getting to the retail and wine-tasting room meant climbing a lot of stairs or walking up a long ramp. Read the Full Article

  • Making a Difference in Students’ Lives

    Connell High School teachers Heidi Shattuck and Justin Palmer combine the best of Ag and FFA

    By Dale Anderson

    Many teachers had a favorite subject in which they excelled while growing up or a teacher who was influential in their lives, or a combination of both. That boost gave them the confidence to pursue a teaching degree, and they now do their best to instill in young minds the importance of learning. Connell High School is fortunate to have two Ag teachers and FFA advisors. Heidi Shattuck and Justin Palmer come to work with smiles on their faces and a love for teaching. Read the Full Article

  • Conservation is the Name of the Game

    Learn more about the conservation programs offered by Big Bend Electric Co-op

    By Dale Anderson
    Two years ago, Big Bend Electric Co-op went through two years’ worth of its conservation budget in about 13 months. Several energy-efficiency projects were put on hold or the payments were delayed for several months until the co-op was able to obtain additional funding for the program. This year, BBEC is about where it wants to be with its conservation program. At the halfway point of a two-year budget, it has spent about half of the allotted funding. Read the Full Article