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Big Bend Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member owned electric utility cooperative serving about 8,500 homes, businesses and farm accounts in the Columbia Basin area of Eastern Washington. Our headquarters is located in Ritzville, Washington. We also have a district office located in Mesa, Washington. Please take some time to get to know us a little better. After all, we are not just your power company. We are your family, friends and neighbors. Welcome.
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  • Remember Our Pioneers of Electricity

    By Dan Murphy
    General Manager/CEO

    In 1939, Big Bend Electric Cooperative was organized to bring electricity to rural Adams and Franklin counties of Eastern Washington. The task would not be simple, but bringing electricity to the farms would help farmers improve their lives. Looking back on those 75 years it is hard for us to imagine what life was like without electricity. Just having a 60-watt light bulb shining in a kitchen had to be an exciting moment. Children who read their school assignments by candle or kerosene lamp must have enjoyed this new luxury. Read the Full Article

  • Safety Presentation Visits Connell School

    Thomas Ramirez and Dale Anderson took the Big Bend Electric Co-op safety board to Connell Elementary School on December 11 to teach electrical safety to the students. About 150 third- and fourth-graders watched and listened attentively to the presentation. There were also about 10 teachers and administrators in attendance. The students had many good questions for Thomas and Dale to answer and the presentation was well received. This is the first time Big Bend Electric has done the safety demonstration for Connell Elementary students. Read the Full Article

  • A Friendly Reminder if the Power Goes Out

    By Dan Murphy
    General Manager/CEO

    I think we all had a real wake-up call from the storms we had in September. We can’t predict how fierce Mother Nature will be, but when a storm with high wind speeds is predicted, we should be prepared knowing a power outage might occur. High-velocity winds can knock down power lines and poles, which can lead to one or more power outages. BBEC crews are efficient in getting the power back on quickly, but any outage can be an inconvenience to our members. In the case of the September 15 storm, transmission lines were down and BBEC substations were without power. Read the Full Article

  • A Love’s-ly Place to Stop

    New Ritzville Travel Stop takes pride in serving its ‘guests’

    By Dale Anderson

    Businesses are successful for many reasons. One way to sustain that success is to rely on repeat customers. Love’s Travel Stops have been successful and company managers say it is because of how customers are treated from the time they walk through the door until they leave. Tom and Judy Love opened their first Love’s in 1964 in Watonga, Oklahoma. In late October 2013, they opened their 307th Love’s in Ritzville, just off Exit 221 on Interstate 90. What sets Love’s apart is the atmosphere of each store. General Manager Curtis Johnson calls Love’s customers “guests” and that attitude makes for a pleasant experience at the Travel Stop. Read the Full Article