Allocation Statements included on June billing statement

Anyone who was a member of Big Bend Electric Cooperative during 2018 will see their Capital Credit Allocation Statement in the messages on their June billing statement. This statement shows the portion of capital credits that each member was allocated based on their electric purchases for 2018. This is for your records only and no further action is needed by you.

As a member of Big Bend Electric Cooperative, you are an owner and are assigned – or allocated – a portion of the margins (revenues in excess of expenses) accumulated by the cooperative during the year. The portion of margins you are allocated is based on the amount you were billed for electric service during the year. This Capital Credit Allocation Statement shows the amount you have been allocated for 2018 and your total accumulated to date.

This allocation DOES NOT represent money that is currently available for you to have or apply on your electric bill. Following the Bylaws of Big Bend Electric Cooperative, this amount is recorded on the permanent financial records of the cooperative. Over time, the amount allocated to you may be paid out (subject to board approval) as funds are available. This is known as a capital credit retirement.

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