Capital credit checks being mailed

The Board of Trustees of Big Bend Electric Cooperative, Inc. recently approved the refund of over $2.1 million to the Cooperative’s electric bill payers. Refunds are being mailed to consumers who purchased power from the Cooperative during the years of 2000 and 2018.

Capital Credit Questions . . .

I am no longer a member of the Cooperative.  Do I forfeit my capital credits? No, capital credits stay with you even after you are no longer an active member of the Cooperative. It is important to keep your address current with us until all capital credits have been distributed.

Can I receive my capital credits in a lump sum after I leave the Coop? No, we do not pay out early retirements.  We need these funds to operate business.  When the Board of Trustees authorizes a retirement, checks will be distributed.

I found an old capital credit check, is it too late to cash it? Our capital credit checks do not have a stale date on them. However many banks will not cash a check that is over 6 months old. If your check is over 1 year old, or your bank will not cash the check, please contact our office and we will reissue a new check.

How often will I receive my capital credit checks and how much will they be? The amount of capital credits to be refunded depends upon prior years’ margins and future capital needs. The Board of Trustees will decide if there will be a capital credit retirement and which years to pay.  The Board has chosen to return capital credits to the members for over 40 years.  These checks are typically distributed in February.

For more details on Capital Credits, read our Capital Credits page.

Feel free to contact our office with other questions you may have.  Send emails to

Please have your member number available, if possible, to assist us with your inquiry.