Considering Solar?

If you are considering a rooftop solar installation, always do your research prior to purchasing and call Big Bend Electric if you’re unsure of the technical details you are being quoted.  We’re here to help.  Some solar companies have been known to tell consumers “you’re never going to have an electric bill” and that’s simply not true.

There is a lot to consider before purchasing rooftop solar units, such as:

  • Electric usage history of your home
  • Total cost of purchasing solar
  • How does the process work with your electric company
  • What are the warranty details
  • Does the cost outweigh the benefit
  • Check out the company by looking at reviews, better business bureau and ask your neighbors that have had it installed.

Keep in mind that solar panels only work during daytime hours, not at night oftentimes when power usage is at it’s peak.  They also may not generate full power capacity during poor weather conditions of overcast skies or with snow piled on them.

We do not make recommendations as to what solar company you should choose but we do encourage you to do your research and get the whole picture of how the process will work.  We want to help you make an informed decision when it comes to powering your home.