Budget Billing

How To Qualify

  • You must be a member of Big Bend Electric Cooperative for 12 months before becoming eligible for the budget billing plan. The budget amount is based on your previous 12 months of history.
  • Your account must be paid current to begin the budget billing plan.
  • Members may enroll in this program once a year in April so that they have an opportunity to build a reserve for the winter months.

How the Budget Billing Program Works

  • Your budget payment amount is determined by your average usage for the previous 12 months.
  • After 12 months on the plan, your account must be paid current (catch-up month) and a new budget amount will be calculated using your previous 12 month usage.
  • Please note **If you pay only your budgeted amount every month and do not pay your total energy usage, you may have a very large bill during the once a year catch-up month.**

To sign up for the budget billing plan or for additional information contact the billing department at 509-659-1700 or 866-844-2363 during office hours.