Politics and Issues

Power Issues

The cost of power is the largest expense that Big Bend Electric Cooperative (BBEC) incurs in providing power to its member-owners.  View some of the key issues affecting current/future power supply.

Position Statements

BBEC Trustees have identified several issues that have a significant impact on BBEC and its members.  BBEC Trustees have issued position statements on these issues.

Grassroots Action Team

BBEC relies on its member-owners to help educate legislators on the impact that local, state, and national legislation may have on members and BBEC.  BBEC members that desire to help with the effort to support and protect the best interest of BBEC are encouraged to join the BBEC Grassroots Action Team.  View more information about the Grassroots Action Team.

Legislative Contacts

Do you know who represents you in government? View your representatives.