Energy Conservation Rebates

Please contact our office prior to starting your project at 866-844-2363 to ensure that the item you are purchasing is on our qualified products list and that funds are still available. 


  • Residential

    • Appliances
      • ENERGY STAR Washers – $30 – $35 depending on efficiency level
      • ENERGY STAR Dryers – $50 – $175 depending on efficiency level
    • HVACHVAC Informational Flyer (PDF)
    • Insulation – $0.30 – $0.80/sq. ft. depending on existing R-value, heat type, classification of home. Home must use electric heat.
    • Windows – $2 – $16 per sq. ft. of window space depending on type of heating & home structure. Must meet U Factor of .30 or better. Must be replacing single pane or metal frame windows. Home must use electric heat.
    • Heat Pump Water Heaters – $300-$700 depending on efficiency level
    • LED Lighting – Rebate amount varies depending on type of fixture and lumen level
    • Smart Thermostats – $140 – $165
    • Information Flyer
  • Low-Income Weatherization Assistance –

  • Commercial

    • LED Lighting and custom projects.
  • Industrial

    • Custom Projects, VFDs and LED lighting.
  • Agriculture

**All rebate offers must meet BPA guidelines and are subject to change at any time. Call for details before making any purchasing decisions.**

Kelly Haugh

Energy and Conservation Resources