Conservation & Rebates

Big Bend Electric Cooperative wants to encourage co-op members to save energy whenever possible and provides incentives to do just that!

There is energy conservation money available for residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture projects.

Many items below MUST be on our qualified products list to be eligible for a rebate.  Please contact our office prior to starting your project at 866-844-2363.


  • Residential

    • Appliances
      • ENERGY STAR Washers – $30 – $35 depending on efficiency level
      • ENERGY STAR Dryers – $50 – $175 depending on efficiency level
    • HVACHVAC Informational Flyer (PDF)
    • Insulation – $0.30 – $0.80/sq. ft. depending on existing R-value, heat type, classification of home. Home must use electric heat.
    • Windows – $2 – $16 per sq. ft. of window space depending on type of heating & home structure. Must meet U Factor of .30 or better. Must be replacing single pane or metal frame windows. Home must use electric heat.
    • Heat Pump Water Heaters – $300-$700 depending on efficiency level
    • LED Lighting – Rebate amount varies depending on type of fixture and lumen level
    • Smart Thermostats – $140 – $165
    • Information Flyer
  • Low-Income Weatherization Assistance –

  • Commercial

    • LED Lighting and custom projects.
  • Industrial

    • Custom Projects, VFDs and LED lighting.
  • Agriculture

**All rebate offers must meet BPA guidelines and are subject to change at any time. Call for details before making any purchasing decisions.**

Please contact Kelly Haugh to answer any questions about how to qualify at 866-844-2363 or email:

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