Board of Trustees

Big Bend Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member-owned corporation. Members control the Cooperative through a nine-member Board of Trustees.  Trustees are elected at the annual meeting of members held during the month of February or March each year. Three Trustees represent each of the three Districts.

The Board is the policy-making body of the Cooperative. The Board holds regular monthly meetings to establish basic policies, review Cooperative activities and make decisions affecting the Cooperative’s well-being.

The Board hires a manager to carry out the policies it has established. The manager, in turn, hires a staff to handle the operational details and to implement the policies set forth by the Board. The Cooperative’s staff of well-trained employees does its best to keep the members’ business running smoothly.

District 1

Greg Galbreath

Kallie Harder

Photo of Branden SpencerBranden Spencer

District 2

Burl Booker

Photo of Kenneth StoryKenneth Story

Photo of Dennis Swinger Sr.Dennis Swinger, Sr.

District 3

Photo of Stacy Kniveton

Stacy Kniveton
Vice President

Photo of Curtis Dahl

Curtis Dahl

Photo of Rodney Hayes

Rhody (Lanny) Hayes