Tree Trimming & Vegetation Management

Most everyone recognizes the importance of trees. They provide shade in the summer and help shield us from the winter winds. Trees enhance the beauty of the landscape, provide a habitat for many animals, and give children a wonderful place to play.

Trees can also create a very costly and dangerous situation when they come into contact with electric utility lines. Vegetation contacting utility lines is responsible for many outages and annoying blinks that our members experience.

Planting trees and bushes near power lines costs YOU:

  • Safety hazard – if a limb is in contact with a line and someone touches that tree or shrub, they could be seriously injured.
  • Reduced electric reliability – trees and limbs coming in contact with electrical lines cause outages and power blinks
  • Fire hazard – limbs in contact with electrical lines can spark fires
  • Money – currently the cost to Big Bend Electric to trim trees around lines is in excess of $200,000 per year. This is money coming out of YOUR pocket.  Big Bend Electric is a non-profit company owned by our members. Any funds we receive in excess of our costs are returned to our members. So the more money it costs to trim trees is potentially less profit being returned to you, our member.

Please be mindful when planting trees and shrubs!